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Helpful Hints

At Ink On paper we are here to help!

Below is some helpful hints for your project / artwork. As always if you are unsure or need any help please email us and let us know.

We are more than happy to receive working files which we can adjust to fit our printing requirements

Print Ready Artwork Files

Print Ready Artwork should be supplied in PDF format with crop marks and 3mm bleed.

If you have images / backgrounds which go to the edge of your artwork, you need to bleed those over the edges by 3mm.

Crop marks are required to ensure we can cut your artwork out to the appropriate size.

If you are using programs like Canva, please be aware that they provide you with bleed and crop mark options when exporting your work.

Using Design Software


Things to keep in mind when designing your work in Canva. The size of your artwork and allowing for 3mm bleed around the outside. This will allow us to trim to size. Ensure that before you export Canva gives you these options

We prefer files to be provided in PDF format with crop marks and bleed, however if you only have PNG image files we can work with those.

Indesign & Illustrator.

Artwork created in Indesign, please keep in mind when setting up your document to include 3mm bleed. Also ensure you have at least 5mm margin around the artwork, in order to keep text away from the edges. Finished artwork please export as a PDF with crop marks and bleed settings.

If you would like us to make any adjustments please Package the Indesign file and We Transfer through. Pacakging the Indesign file will include all the images and fonts you have used in your design.

Working Files

We are more than happy to be supplied your working files for any project. If you are unsure we can adjust any artwork created in Indesign & Illustrator to fit the printing requirements.

Please package all relevant files with your artwork and send through.

High Res Images @ 300dpi

To print sharp and clear images, please ensure all images included in your artwork are high resolution. The standard is 300dpi (dots/pixels per inch).

We can work with images 200dpi and above.

Images downloaded from the internet are low resolution, and while they look good on the screen will not print as good quality. If you are unsure please send through for us to check.

Supplying content for design

When providing content which needs to be designed by us please supply any text in PDF or Word Document format. We can copy and paste the appropriate text into our design software.

Please also note when supplying images that they are high resolution (200dpi or higher) and are supplied seperately as image files NOT embeded in your word document as these will become low resolution.

Remember our designers are always here to help over the phone or by email!


CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). These 4 colours are used in combination in print to lay onto white paper to produce almost any colour required.

Please ensure artwork is in CMYK Colour Space for the best quality print. This includes all images.

Images should be converted to CMYK in photoshop. Images downloaded from the web or through emails will normally be in RGB. If unsure on any images we are happy to convert and add to your artwork.


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