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We can produce virtually any size or shape, in the colours, or finish you’d prefer.

We’ve been producing the highest quality brochures, flyers, postcards and other marketing material for businesses, large and small.

Depending on what your aims are, you may be surprised with the huge range of brochures we can design for you. With a large portfolio of artwork we have created for a variety of businesses, you can be sure that there is something to suit your specific requirements.

The professional and friendly team at Ink on Paper will look after you, from our in-house graphic designer, who can make your marketing item look amazing (and even give your brand a refresh) to our digital and offset printing experts.

If you are looking for something unique in design and layout for your brochure, our professional designer can help. We will talk you through every step of the design process so you can follow our progress, give us feedback and make changes as you see fit. We will give you a brochure design that you love; this is our aim at Ink on Paper.

Our expertise is to design, produce and print brochures and we at Ink on Paper are here every step of the way, from choosing the right paper type to discussing quality print finishes.


A3 to A4 Folded Brochures:

The ever – popular standard size for many brochures. Not too big and easy to mail or store, you can’t go wrong with an A4 brochure. Folded brochures are an essential part of the marketing mix. Rest them on a countertop or hand them out to prospects.

A5 Brochures:

Half the size of an A4, these are a good way to make a mini-book, or pamphlet.

DL Brochures:

There are some popular combinations for the DL format including single pages printed on either one, or both sides, 4 page options or 6 page, tri-fold or gate-fold brochure.

  • A4 to DL Roll Fold Brochure
    What a great way to tell your story. As the brochure unfolds, so does your brand. Roll-fold brochures take consumers on a journey, with each new page revealing new messages and new images. This is a great option for brands that want to do more than the same old, same old.
  • A4 to DL Z Fold Brochure
    If you want your brand to stand out, so should your marketing. The reason Z-folded brochures are so effective is that they’re unusual enough to be edgy yet familiar enough to be comfortable. People often find them easier to handle and read than the usual roll folded version.
  • A4 to A5 Folded Brochure
    The more digital the world gets, the more powerful brochures become. Back in the day, everyone used brochures. Now, not so much. That means they’re standing out like never before. Words on paper have a greater impact than text on screen. Folded brochures are an efficient way to build your brand.
  • DL Half Fold Brochure
    DL half folded brochures, or the Double DL as they are sometimes known, are wide and wonderful. Fantastic for businesses who still want a DL finished size but don’t need the coverage of the traditional DL roll folded brochure. They might be compact but they still gives you the option of using photography to your advantage.

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