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Business cards are an integral part of your business networking and will make a lasting impact on your customer when designed correctly – so make sure it’s a good one – you only get one chance at a first impression. It will be referred to time and time again therefore it is important for it to be of high quality for your business details and product/service information.

The current online world of networking doesn’t give you much scope for adding that personalised touch. That is why a professionally printed business card will help you stand out from the crowd and will leave a memorable impression. Business cards are always accessible and they don’t have a downtime so can be referred to no matter where you are.


Consistent branding throughout your business is paramount and it all starts with your business cards. Once you get your brand sorted it will flow on through the rest of your promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, banners, website and social media.

We can assist with the design and content of your card, or if you have your own artwork on file just email it through and we can start the printing process for you.

Ideas of what your business card can display:

  • your business name
  • logo if you have one
  • slogan for your business
  • ‘feel’ of your business
  • service of your business
  • how you can be contacted: phone number, email, website, social media icons (facebook, instagram etc)




Whether its a small quantity of 250 business cards, or 2500+ that you are after, Ink on Paper can help you with your project from start to finish. For quick turnaround time and smaller quantities we would print your cards digitally, and for more specific runs and larger numbers, offset printing would be our preferred choice.

There are so many options of what type of business card to print! The main guide is your budget. For a small budget, printing on a nice quality card with a crisp clear design is enough. For those with more to spend you may want to choose from a variety of assorted finishes to assist in your card standing out from the crowd – choose from a variety of ways:

STOCK – choose from card finishes such as gloss, satin, matt, recycled or textured

DIE CUTTING – for those wanting a shaped card such as round corners or shapes cut out within the card

LAMINATING – great for protecting the ink coverage from scratching while also giving a thicker feel. Gloss or matt laminate provides a unique finish that stands out amongst other business cards

VARNISHING – gives a smooth finish while sealing the paper to help it last longer. With spot UV, you can highlight different parts of your design such as logos, design or text elements

FOLDING – gives your business card a point of difference while providing you with twice the amount of room for your business details and services

FOILING – at the higher end of the budget scale, this process can highlight your logo or text on your card. Popular choices are gold, silver or rose gold amongst other choices

EMBOSSING OR DEBOSSING – embossing creates a raised 3D effect to selected text/logo to create an impact; debossing in reverse creates an indent to selected text/logo to also make it stand out.

So don’t let your budget stop you from getting your business card started. We can guide you to making the right choice for your needs so please talk to the customer service team @ Ink on Paper on 8326 3889.


Don’t leave home without them! Take them everywhere with you in your:

  • handbag
  • wallet
  • jacket pocket
  • glove box
  • mobile phone
  • computer bag

Exchange them regularly. If someone gives you their card, give them one of yours. Seek out networking opportunities such as community events, conventions, trade shows, markets, networking evenings where you can connect with others – however be selective on who you hand them out to as they can be wasted away easily.

When communicating in writing or sending parcels, slip your card in with the package you are sending. Seek out businesses within your community who are complimentary to the services you offer and leave your cards there for the taking.

Above all don’t run out of them so if you are getting low make sure you call us @ INK ON PAPER on 8326 3889 to reorder before you run out!